A Working Barn and Busy Weekend

This is another Sherman County barn.  Mom says it’s in good working order and was the site of a wedding a few years ago.

J and I had a busy and social weekend.  We checked yearling heifers on Friday night.  Saturday morning we did a few odd jobs around the ranch and house.  In the afternoon we went to Motorcycle City and on to Deadwood for supper.  Two of J’s Aunts decided to take the family out to crack a few crab legs.  While J played a hand of cards I walked up main street and took a few pictures.

Sunday I did a little work in Miss B’s garden.  I also picked rhubarb.  I had no intentions of picking rhubarb, but it was ready.  I made Rhubarb Pie and froze several packages.  After dinner I took a much needed nap.  Sunday evening we went to a potluck at the neighbors.  The pie was a hit and so was the Chipped Beef Cheese Ball I made.

Monday and Tuesday we woke up to cooler temperatures and a few sprinkles.  It was nice and cool while J brought home the yearlings he found in the neighbor’s pasture.

With last week’s rain the  weeds in our yard took a big growth spurt.  Monday J spent some quality time on the mower.

One of my favorite meals is a good ole grilled hamburger.  It’s delicious, easy and requires very few dishes.  The Rancher even grilled for me as I kind of had my hands full trying a new bar recipe.  Tuesday we grilled tenderloin and vegetables.

Are you a fairweather or year round griller?  What is your favorite thing to grill?


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5 Responses to A Working Barn and Busy Weekend

  1. I would love to have dinner grilled but can’t bring myself to make Dustin stand out there and do it in the 100+ temps. Hopefully when it cools down some. We also mowed this weekend – first time in about two months! How sad is that?

  2. Beth - VA says:

    the white windows at the top look like eye staring at us. ha. ha!! what a lovely red barn. i like the white accents. (:

  3. Candy C. says:

    That is a beautiful barn and I love the stairs going up the side!
    We are mostly summer grillers. My favorite things to grill are summer squash, corn on the cob and sausages! YUM!!

    • Robyn says:

      Candy, I find the stairs interesting also. I have been grilling onion, peppers, mushrooms and small zucchini. Even The Rancher will eat his veggies this way, lol!

  4. LindaG says:

    Great pictures!

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