A Weekend of Good, Bad, and Ugly

Good:  Friday J installed a utility sink in the entryway.  No more small leaky sink!  Now we can mix calf bottles, wash eggs and clean messy stuff in a BIG sink.  Oh, and it’s the perfect size to give Little Dog a bath.  Yes, we tested it out last weekend.

Bad:  It is cold, very cold.  The temperature at our house early this morning was -5*.

Ugly:  Last Friday night I went to get on the computer, only to be greeted by DANGER!! WARNING!! DANGER!! messages across the screen.  A virus!

Good:  A local computer guru was kind enough to look at our computer.  He has seen this particular virus before.

Bad:  It has now been 4 days without a working computer.

Ugly: Do you realize how addicted we humans are to the internet?  I don’t know how many times J has wanted to check the weather or look something up he read in an Ag publication.  At least there were not markets to check yesterday, but he missed watching calf sales streamed from area sale barns.

No social media for me.  No blogging, picture editing, Facebook.

Good:  I baked and cooked up a storm!  Once I get pictures downloaded you will get to see my kitchen creations.  Homemade bread, Apple Pie Squares, German Chocolate Cheesecake and meatballs.

Bad:  Yesterday I drove 90 miles to a Doctor’s appointment.  I left at 7:30 to get there in time.  At 8:00 the Clinic started attempting to call me to let me know my Doctor was sick.  After arriving at the Clinic I got the message.  Yes, I had the cell phone with me.  No, I did not have reception until I got to my appointment.  So, I got some groceries and went home.

Good:  Sister gave me a book to read.  She said it was laugh out loud funny.  J started reading it after chores yesterday and finished it last night.  Have I ever mentioned one of my favorite sounds is J laughing?  I can’t wait to read A Girl Named Zippy by Haven Kimmel.

I don’t know when our computer will be fixed up and home again.  Until then my blogging will be kind of random. 

What do you do when your computer is getting worked on?  How much do you rely on it for information, work and entertainment?

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6 Responses to A Weekend of Good, Bad, and Ugly

  1. Linda says:

    Like many, I rely on it too much. I have so much information bookmarked for when we retire and start homesteading.

    I facebook less than I used to, but I only use it for family or games anyway.

    When my computer is down, I read more – I always have a small stack of magazines to read. Grit, Hobby Farms, Backyard Chickens, Countryside and Small Stock Journal, and the occasional Mother Earth News or whatever else is interesting at the book store. And they always have links to more content online…

    I didn’t know anywhere streamed stock sales.
    I was just thinking the other day that I miss the morning Ag reports and such the TVs used to do. Back when there were only 3 channels in B&W that went off at midnight.

    And yes, I date myself. 😉

    Hope you get your ‘puter back soon! *hugs* ♥

    • Robyn says:

      Yes, there are livestock sales on the computer. Affiliated sale barns have cameras overlooking the sale ring and stream the sales live. It is great for ranchers and farmers to keep up with markets and entertain themselves when it is very cold outside.

      Thank You for leaving a comment!

      • Linda says:

        That is really great. Might have to look for a few. 🙂

        When we do the kitchen in our retirement property, I want a big sink in addition to a regular one. I figure it can be used for big pots, and for the car parts that hubby always wants to clean in my dish sink!

        Happy Wednesday to you! 🙂

  2. Candy C. says:

    Computer broken is very, very bad! I get antsy when I get real busy around the house and don’t have time to do my blog reading! LOL!!
    WAY good for the utility sink! 🙂
    Stay warm up there!

  3. Kim says:

    I am addicted to the computer. They say the first step in combating addiction is admitting it. However, I’m still addicted to the internet. I was without it a day and a half this past weekend because we were staying at a motel for a conference and you had to pay for wireless access. There wasn’t even a computer in the lobby. Somehow, I survived. In my defense, I do use it for work. Hope yours gets back to you soon. And congrats on the big sink. My kitchen sink gets used for all those messy jobs like washing out bottles, putting disinfectant on chains, etc. I’ll be looking for the recipes!

  4. sandy says:

    I rely on it alot – Luckily if one computer goes down we have access to others between desktop, laptops and work computers !

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