A Weekend of Branding Calves

On Sunday’s post I mentioned that I would be posting pictures from our branding.  As promised, I share with you branding at our ranch …

The Pushers: Janelle, Ashleigh and Roy. This is the family of J's Cousin, Todd.


Brandon, family friend, catches the head and J pulls over the table. Todd, in the brown coat, castrates the bull calves. J's Dad is in the yellow coat.


T is in charge of the branding iron.


J and I give shots.


J's Mom, in the green jacket, implants and fly tags the calves. Brandon holds the head to make B's job easier. In the background, Neighbor Roy, holds the hind leg.


Janet, T, Roy and Brandon enjoying some coffee and rolls.


The crew runs like a well oiled machine! Janet helps B by filling the fly tagger.


When the work was done we sat down to a traditional branding meal and enjoyed a good visit.  We have one more group of calves to brand sometime later this week.  It is nice to have the majority of the calves worked and ready to go to grass.

Sunday morning we were at it again.  This time we went to Roy and Janet’s to work Herefords.  It was fun to take pictures of red babies and cows with horns!

J got back in the field Sunday afternoon and headed back out at 5:30 this morning.  This afternoon we are scheduled to spay heifers.  Another project that will be nice to have done.

How was your weekend?  

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