A Snowy Weekend

Our hint of spring ended early last week; we are back to winter and Eskimo status.  

Molly was not impressed with my idea to take a picture. Roxie thought it was fun!

Tuesday the 22nd was the last time we saw temps over 30 degrees.  We have had wind and snow along with the cooler temps.

Saturday morning view from my deck.


I helped J with weekend barn chores.

Watering a heifer that calved during the night.


Because of the change in weather and the fact we are getting a few early calves in the cows, we brought them home to the calving pasture.

J and Roxie bringing up the rear.


Hello, is it cold outside?


Sunday J and I helped feed the yearlings.

It is double important to get a good look at the calves and make sure they are sucking and healthy when the weather is bad.

The weatherman thinks the sun will shine again on Wednesday and and temps will warm up.  Spring is just around the corner!

How was your weekend?  Is it spring at your house or did you get snow?

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3 Responses to A Snowy Weekend

  1. Janet says:

    My irises on the west side of the house are up 1.5″. Why” I ask because they sure have cold tops now.

    I see why the cranes haven’t passed over head yet.

  2. Robyn says:

    It is amazing what will grow with just a few days of 40-50’s and sun. I would be happy with no wind, 30, and sunshine! I am contemplating container gardening this summer and just can’t make myself think about it w/ snow on the ground.

  3. Amy Kirk says:

    I LOVE thed pictures you posted of your place! Even though it’s yucky snow, your photos made a winter postcard scene. Cute pics of the calves too! Friday morning about 1 a.m. my son and I pulled a heifer’s calf–really hard pull but they both got through it. He slept in the insulated tack room over the weekend to night check; during the week my husband and I night check. I saw tulips poking their leaves out but looks like more yucky weather for this weekend.

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