A Productive Week

Last week was full of projects. We kicked off Monday with J checking cattle and me catching up on skirt work.

We woke up to rain on Tuesday morn. The moisture wasn’t measurable, but we were glad for the cool down. When the rain let up, J and I moved replacement heifers and yearlings to fresh grass. After dinner we hauled gravel out to three tank sites. With the hot temperatures it’s just as important for the calves to get fresh water as it is for the cows. We built up the sides of the tank so the calves an easily reach water.

August 1

J has several fencing projects on his mind and Wednesday we started one. We loaded up all the supplies we needed to build corners and headed out. A couple of corners and a gate rounded out the morning . After dinner we restocked our supplies and got a rain shower. J worked on tearing out the old fence and I went to small town to the local Farmer’s Market.

Thursday we were up early and made a huge dent in the fencing project. We finished tearing out the old woven wire, pulled posts, re-set the posts and got a few strands of wire up. J and I got this project completed by mid-morning on Friday.

August 1
This project was two-fold. We fenced two sides of a dam; the other two sides were already fenced and now with the second two sides fenced. Now we can open or close gates and use the dam in two different pastures.

The second part of this project was tearing out old woven wire along the road and north side of a hay field we use for winter grazing. We replaced the woven wire with three stands of barbed wire and got the fence up nice and tight.

While we were cleaning up dinner dishes on Thursday we got rain! It just poured at the house. The rain also hit our south pastures. We went for a short drive and before we got the north end of the driveway we were kicking up dust. The good news is we got .76″ at home and we were able to keep fencing!

August 1J went to check wells on Friday afternoon. He called me at 1:30 and said the bulls got in a fight and tore out the fence. We have cattle that border ourselves in that pasture. We have the young bunch of pairs in our south home pasture and the old bunch of pairs in a pasture to the south of our pasture. So, our own cattle are mixed up, but belong in two different pastures.

When we brand we put the fly tags of the old group of pairs on the inside of the ear (normal tag placement) and on the young calves we put the fly tag on the back side of the ear. This way if we have a mix up we can determine who goes in which pasture.

Three and a half hours, 16 pair and 2 dry cows later and we had the mix up sorted out. Saturday morning J found one pair we missed and brought them back home.

August 1

I let the hens out of the coop on Thursday. This was the first day for the new girls to explore the yard. Everyone came back at dark and seem to be adjusting well. Wednesday I found a pullet egg! It’s the only one so far, but fun to find a cute little egg.

August 1

Saturday we went to the Hills. We attended the memorial service of a friend and neighbor. This neighbor grew up on the ranch to the south of us and had an eight year battle with ALS.

Saturday night we met up with J’s folks, Granny and J’s Sister’s family and went out to eat. We celebrated J’s birthday with a fabulous meal a the Homestake Chop House. If you are looking for a perfect beef eating experience, put this place on your list of restaurants to try. Sunday we went to Church and grabbed a bite to eat at The Knuckle.

We enjoyed seeing neighbors while celebrating the life of a wonderful man. We had a great time spending time and catching up with family. And, we might have spoiled the birthday boy … a little!

Hears tipping our hat at a good July; hello August!

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6 Responses to A Productive Week

  1. Alica says:

    Sounds like you certainly haven’t been bored! 🙂 Sorting cattle…do you use horses or trucks or four wheelers? If it’s anything like rounding up heifers after they’ve torn a fence, I’m sure it’s a challenge! Glad to hear you got some rain, too!

    • Robyn says:

      We use 4-wheelers when doing cattle work. There are a few people around the country that do all their work on horseback.

      We are glad to get every bit of moisture we can. If it doesn’t come with hail all the better!

  2. Darcy says:

    Sounds like a lot accomplished! And I’m glad you got to go have some fun too. 🙂

    This is probably a silly question – but what is the difference between a pullet egg and a regular one?

    • Robyn says:

      Pullets are to hens like heifers are to cows. Pullet eggs are much smaller than regular hen eggs. Once the hens get a little more age the eggs get bigger.

  3. Bonnie says:

    Glad you enjoyed the Chop house. I live about ten minutes from there. Glad you enjoyed your meal.

  4. I really enjoyed reading your account of daily life on the ranch. Never a dull moment. 🙂

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