A Mixed Bag of Weather

The biggest story of last week was the weather. Monday greeted us with wind, colder temperatures and snow. Tuesday and Wednesday remained cold with blowing snow. Wednesday we had wind gusts up to 50 mph. The blowing snow made some big drifts and we had patches of grass poking through on the prairie. We think we got around 2″ of snow.

December 5

With the extreme weather I’ve been doing inside tasks. The type of things that are easy to put off until a rainy or snowy day. Tasks like cleaning and sorting. I’m not sure how I accumulate so much stuff, but every so often I need to declutter. I also organized my art supplies, now I’m motivated to start some new projects. Seems fitting if the weather is going to act wintry.
December 5

J and I were excited to do chores on Thursday as there was no wind! The sun was shining and we spent most of the day doing odd jobs outside. After dinner we transferred corn and walked through the calves. I was glad to see them dried off and out grazing comfortably.

It took all morning to chore on Friday. We fed a couple of groups of cattle and had to stop because the hay grinder was here. While J was grinding, I spiffed up the house and got a little December decor out. After grinding we finished chores. It was a gorgeous day; I even cracked a few windows in the afternoon.

December 5

Saturday was another busy morning and chores took till almost noon. We had a couple of issues to deal with and before we knew it, it was 11:45. I made pizza pockets and they sure hit the spot.

J had some mechanicing to do and Roy came over to help. We twisted Roy’s arm and convinced him to stay for supper. We had a fun visit.

December 5

Sunday was another nice day. We got a load of corn delivered in the afternoon and J did a little maintenance greasing on the tractor.

December 5

My current read is Whiskey and Charlie by Annable Smith. This is a story about twin brothers, William (a/k/a Whiskey) and Charlie. Whiskey is the “wild child,” if you will, and Charlie the more conservative of the pair. The author bounces between the boys being kids (then teenagers) and current day. Whiskey was in a major accident and hospitalized for an extended period of time. The twins had a falling out when they were young adults and never reconciled before Whiskey’s accident. Will Whiskey wake from his coma?

December 5

The weather forecasters are talking about an arctic front later this week. Cold air, wind and more wind. I don’t mind the cold, but the wind can really wear on my nerves. I’m just glad we got a few of days relief from the blowing.

December 5

While J was moving snow in the corrals, I took the opportunity to photograph my cats. I enjoyed watching them jump in and out of the barn; one of the fun “perks” of being a rancher’s wife. Or, a way to entertain myself while waiting on the Rancher.

December 5

We are scheduled to bangs vaccinate heifers this week, but the weather might cause us to cancel. I have a Women in Ag meeting in Motorcycle City at the end of the week. We are working on plans our 2017 Conference.

December 5

Do you get a lot of wind at your house? Is it wintry in your area?

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2 Responses to A Mixed Bag of Weather

  1. Kim says:

    Wow! Those drifts by the fence are pretty dramatic. It looks like your own mini mountain range. We may get a dusting of snow this week, but we are supposed to get much colder temperatures – for sure.

    The photos of your kittens are adorable. Our latest litter didn’t fare well.

  2. Robin says:

    It has been a mixed bag of weather here too. A bit of snow, a bit of sun and yes a good bit of wind. No snow left on the ground today as the sun has melted it all.
    Your photos are wonderful. The two of the cats especially so.
    Have a good week.

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