A Mixed Bag of Activity

The past week was the type of week were you don’t know what you’re doing when you wake up in the morning. Then you find tasks to do and little annoyances to clean up. Before you know it, it’s time to think about supper.

Oct 17

We took our beef to be harvested two weeks ago. In preparation for the new meat, I organized/rearranged the freezers to make more room. We also had to move a freezer. That required a little cleaning in the garage to make a spot for it. Wednesday J and I took an early morning road trip to pick up our meat.

Oct 17

I had an appointment in North Dakota Border Town Tuesday morning. Wednesday I ended up going to Small Town to get a few supplies for J. It was a good thing as I took seven dozen eggs with me. The girls are really laying right now. I was very excited to gather four little blue eggs several days last week! That means all of my araucana pullets are laying!

Oct 17

J’s project was cement. He had a couple small cement projects that needed to be done before it gets cold. One of the projects was to pour a pad for the cattle squeeze chute.  When we ultrasound, the veterinarian prefers to use her hydrolic chute vs our manual chute. It takes a while to wiggle the hydrolic chute in front of our chute. Now, we can move our chute with ease and not have to jiggle another chute in a small space. We are also looking forward to having good human footing around the chute.

Oct 17

I’ve been working on a few more art projects, as I am going to have a booth at two area craft fairs in November. I’ve been playing around with crackle and making a few bigger signs. I’ll share more details on my projects and where I am going in the near future.

Oct 17

I seem to have found myself in the kitchen a lot this week. We have an abundance of sirloin steaks and kebabs is a favorite way to prepare them.

When Dad came to visit he brought potatoes and onions from his garden. With all those onions I thought French Onion Soup sounded good.

Oct 17

Saturday was the opening day of South Dakota pheasant hunting. Cousin T and J went pheasant hunting. Janelle, Ashleigh and Roy came over for supper.

I made a pork loin roast, baked potatoes (thanks Dad!) and roasted vegetable medley and Janelle brought a vegetable dish. J requested his favorite cake.

The guys had a perfect autumn day to hunt and we had a fun visit afterwards.

There are many recipes for Chicken Tortilla soup. I decided to try this one from The Pioneer Woman and use pheasant instead of chicken. We’ll see how dinner goes at noon.

*Soup Results* I made a couple adjustments to the recipe: 1. I used the pheasant that J got on his Saturday hunt vs. chicken. 2. I didn’t have tomato paste and used a small can of tomato sauce instead. 3. After dumping in the Rotel Diced tomatoes and green chilies, I filled the can with tomatillo salsa that a friend gave me. Both J and I like the soup! I think the tomatillo salsa added a tasty kick!

Oct 17

J and I continue to work on “fall projects”and have a few tasks that we want to get done in the next month. J and I are enjoying the slightly slower pace that fall brings. This week we are going to start trailing cattle home from summer grass. It’s always a good feeling to get the cows home. At the same time, weaning is in the near future and with that comes daily chores. I’m not ready for cold and snow, but I do like chores and the routine that late fall brings.

What type of outside projects are you working on?

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3 Responses to A Mixed Bag of Activity

  1. Kim says:

    I enjoyed seeing glimpses of your week and hearing about it, too! Hope the cattle moving goes well. The vet will be here on Wednesday to preg-check the heifers. We won’t move the cows and calves home until the first week of November.

  2. Bonnie says:

    Isn’t it satisfying when there is actually a fall and you can prepare for winter? Your projects sound fun. I would love some phesant.

  3. Alica says:

    Never a dull moment on the farm! 🙂 I just love that picture of the beautiful chicken sitting on her nest. She’s gorgeous!

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