A Medora Musical Birthday – Part 2

Friday morning we enjoyed sleeping in and ate continental breakfast

J and I toured the Chateau de Mores and its accompanying museum. The Chateau was built by a Frenchmen and his wife as a summer home and hunting lodge. On the North Dakota prairie in 1883 a twenty-six room home was unheard of. 80-90% of the household furnishings are original to the house. The remaining items and decor are reconstructed with the original in mind or similar to that of the time period.

August 4

Formal dining room and kitchen

August 4

There are ten bedrooms upstairs. These bedrooms were for their children, the servants and guests. The Marquis and his wife, Medora, slept is separate rooms on the main level of the house. The bottom left picture was Medora’s room and the bottom right is where the Marquis slept.

August 4

The Marquis and Medora each had personal study’s. The top left is the desk in Medora’s study and the desk on the right is that belonging to the Marquis. The fireplace in the formal living room was very innovative for the day. It was five feet deep and heated several rooms on the main floor.

August 4 After driving the scenic-loop through the National Park we took in Theodore Roosevelt’s Maltese Cross Ranch Cabin. After the death of Mr. Roosevelt’s mother and wife on February 14, 1884 he came to North Dakota to heal from his loss.

August 4

The Little Missouri River flows through the park and was an important to life on the prairie.

August 4

If you are looking for a get away that combines, historical attractions, beautiful landscapes, musical entertainment, shopping and good food, I highly recommend spending a couple of days at Medora, ND!

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6 Responses to A Medora Musical Birthday – Part 2

  1. Darcy says:

    Sounds like a very fun – and relaxing! – trip. Glad you both had a chance to get away. 🙂

  2. Buttons says:

    Oh it sounds like some where that I would enjoy. Beautiful photos. Interesting facts. hug B

  3. This is great to know, all things that are right up our alley, and a drive-able trip from where we are.

  4. Kim says:

    Sorry I’ve been missing in action – still having internet problems. This looks like a great trip!

  5. Linda says:

    How gorgeous and heartwarming!

  6. Elliot Allbones says:

    The musical was planned to help celebrate Roosevelt’s 100th birthday. The amphitheatre was carved out of the side of the badlands in Burning Gulch by local volunteers, cast members and boys from the Home on the Range Ranch.

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