A Medora Musical Birthday – Part 1

Last week The Rancher celebrated another trip around the sun and we decided to go on an adventure. For years we’ve heard the Medora Musical is a great show and fun experience. It’s something we have been wanting to do, so we got in the station wagon and enjoyed the 2.5-3 hour drive north.

Before we got to Medora we pulled off at the Painted Canyon part of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park and North Dakota Badlands.

August 3

August 3

We drove the park’s scenic-loop. and saw more beautiful landscape, wild horses, bison and prairie dogs. I told J how ironic that the park managers allow prairie dogs to destroy areas of the badlands that were so important and loved by a great conversationalist.

We were lucky enough to spot a band of wild horses!

August 3

We got to Medora early Thursday afternoon, parked the car and walked through the little shops around town. Sometimes it’s fun to simply stroll and play tourist.

J and I ate at the Pitchfork Steak Fondue before the Musical. They had three huge vats of boiling oil and cooked ribeye steaks by dipping them with pitchforks. Along with the steaks we could choose from a buffet of baked beans, baked potatoes, garlic toast, vegetables, coleslaw and fruit. They offered doughnut holes and brownies for dessert. We ate in an open-faced building overlooking the Burning Hills Amphitheater and the town of Medora.

August 3

2015 celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Medora Musical! The skits, songs and costumes for the first half of the performance took us through a history of the last 50 yeas. The play cast was composed of six women, six men, a hostess and host as well as The Coal Diggers band. These individuals are multi-talented as they sing, dance, clog, play instruments, tell jokes and change consumes many times.

August 3

August 3

The featured attraction we saw was the Chicago Boyz Acrobatic Troupe. These inter city youth gave a high energy performance of acrobatic stunts. This program teaches once troubled kids discipline, respect, integrity and that hard work can open up many doors. These boyz were having the time of their life tumbling, flying and playing the crowd.

The troupe is the featured attraction from July 2-August 7th. Friday afternoon when J and I stopped for ice cream we were greeted by one of the acrobats. During the day the boyz are required to work in the Medora shops.

August 3

Even the Rancher takes a rare selfie! It’s fun to get away from the ranch, take in a new experience and relax.

August 3

Come back tomorrow for day two of our Medora adventure.

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6 Responses to A Medora Musical Birthday – Part 1

  1. Buttons says:

    Oh what fun I would have enjoyed coming along on that trip. Nice to see a rare “Rancher” selfie:) Oh this looks like it was so much fun. Wild horse I have only seen on the movies. COOL. Can’t wait till tomorrow. I am so happy you got away from the work for awhile. Hug B

    • Robyn says:

      Miss B,
      I was a wonderful trip; we really enjoyed ourselves. Medora isn’t that far from the Canada border, depending on where in Canada you are. lol.

  2. CountryMum says:

    What a wonderful weekend away! The painted canyon is just stunning! And I love a good musical. The stage props are very impressive.

  3. I have heard many great things about Medora, one of these days I will make it there. When I was in college, the meat lab I worked at always had catering jobs for pitchfork fondue. It was so tasty!

    • Robyn says:

      Yes, Lindsay put a Medora adventure on your bucket list!
      I bet collage students putting on a pitchfork fondue was fun. J worked at the SDSU meat lab over 4 years and I’m pretty sure they never catered one.

  4. I’ve missed keeping up with you, Robyn! Sorry I’ve been gone so long.
    Looks like a great time. The Badlands are terrific, though I’ve never had the joy of seeing wild horses – how awesome!
    And I agree, sometimes just strolling through a fun town and it’s shops and good eats – such a treat. What a great birthday celebration.

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