A Look Back at April

April is simply defined as the fourth month of the year. On our ranch April is anything but simple as it’s our primary calving month. The month started out with a blizzard; the low pressure system really jump started the cows into having babies. Calving season, especially calving during in-climate weather, really makes one realize we are stronger than we think. May 1 After the blizzard we fell into our calving season routine. Towards the end of April we finally got a dose of spring weather. Sunshine, brilliant blue skies and warm temps really does a person and the livestock good. Other April tasks included cattle shuffling, working the yearlings, small fencing projects, planting oats and cleaning cattle lots. May 1 J’s Sister’s family came to visit over Easter weekend. We had fun dyeing and hunting for eggs with a two year old. It was nice to spend time with our extended family. May 1st April ended with a few showers; snow showers that is. Sunday was a rainy day followed by several inches of snow Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday it warmed into the low 50’s with 40-50 mph winds. That will melt snow and dry things out in a hurry. Between the wind and nightly lows in the upper 20’s-30’s J and I spent two nights this week back on night cow checking duty. May 1I’m really not impressed that I still need to wear all these layers of winter clothing for morning chores. I have hope spring is just around the corner.

What was the highlight of your April? 

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9 Responses to A Look Back at April

  1. Janet says:

    You do such a nice job of journaling, Robyn. As usual, I enjoy reading your thoughts.

  2. Roan says:

    Nice month in review. Hoping spring shows up soon!

  3. Linda R says:

    I have a feeling you will be able to peel some of those layers off soon my friend.. What a month you have had.. TFS..


  4. buttons says:

    Oh you look very warm☺ I have to say it seems to be warming up here finally. Oh your photos of your cattle and Rosie are awesome. Great Easter Eggs I am sure that was fun. Hug B

    • Robyn says:

      Miss B,
      Last night the weatherman told us that it was warmer in Canada and Alaska than it was in the Black Hills yesterday.

      It’s windy again today; the sun is shining and it’s in the 50’s.

  5. Cheri says:

    April is busy! Love your collages. All bundled up in April? I’ve got a pretty nice farmers tan going on! Haha. My arms have caught up with my hands? 🙂
    We have been turning bulls out, moving heifers and finishing up branding. Tomorrow will be the last of the cows. Then we have a handful of dinks to finish.
    I think a day of salmon fishing on the snake river is in order! 🙂

  6. Jen says:

    Hi friend, love the pic of you. It’s always fun to see our blogland friends. I always enjoy bouncing in here and reading about your days. They are so different from mine but you do such a great job documenting I feel like sometimes on the ride with you and I always love your photos! Happy Weekending Robyn

  7. I should visit more often, it reminds me so much of home. I don’t think I could do night cattle duty.

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