A Look At 2012

January – I took an online class, 31 Days to a Better Ag Blog, hosted by the FARMnWIFE, Judi Graff.  I learned a lot.  I updated my About My Blog page and gave some insight to my love for cooking and baking.  I also did a lot of food posts, Apple Pie Squares were a huge hit!

Dec 30

February – Was pretty quiet.  Chores and preparing to calf heifers, frost and more foodie posts.

Dec 30

March – March is all about Birthdays and Babies!  The heifers were calving, we gave cows pre-calving shots and started getting lots of calves by month’s end.  I discovered PicMonkey photo editing!

Dec 30

April – I started my 51 in 501 journey.  To date I have accomplished over half of my goals.

Calving and farming went on in April.  My old faithful 30-year-old dishwasher died, spring bloomed in beauty, Sugar Cookie Caramel Bars were a hit, J became a corn farmer and got a cow dog puppy.

Dec 30

May – The month started off with a much needed rain!  May was full of cattle work, branding calves and moving cows to grass.  I started participating in Scavenger Hunt Sunday, J and I took a trip to Nebraska  and I met The Feedyard Foodie!

Dec 30

June – I planted a container garden.  The moisture gauge got shut off and haying was in full swing.  We visited friends and attended MeatFest.

Dec 30

July – Haying season was done by early July due to lack of moisture.  We watched J’s corn grow and moved pairs to new pastures.  I made my first Rhubarb Strawberry Pie, took pictures of flowers and watered tomato plants!  We got a much needed rain and J celebrated a birthday.

Dec 30

August –  Was pretty similar to July, hot and dry.  J maintained a close eye on the livestock.  I took a trip to Nebraska to help my Mom Show Sheep at the State Fair.

Dec 30

September –  We preconditioned calves and chopped corn.  I started making my own ice cream from a recipe my Mom found.  I find it addicting!   J and I celebrated our Anniversary and got a new picture window.

Dec 30

October –  We enjoyed beautiful weather, J hauled hay, Mom did a guest post about the Nebraska’s Junk Jaunt,  I attended the Rural Women in Ag Conference and discovered scones.  We moved cattle home from grass and weaned calves.

Dec 30

November –  J and I dealt with weaned calves that have a mind to run.  I quit my job in town to stay home full-time!  We had an ice storm with lots of wind.  The vet come to preg check cows for a day and we had carpenters do a bathroom makeover.  Thanksgiving was spent in the Black Hills with J’s family.

Dec 30

December –    We continue to discover life with Fritz, our cow dog puppy, is full of drama!  J and I enjoyed a trip to Las VegasRanch Wife Life continues to go well, J is learning a fair amount of patience and we pray that the foggy mornings  of December bring rain in March.  J and I celebrated a cold Christmas at home with family and neighbors.

Dec 30

That is a quick glance at 2012 from The Ranch Wife Chronicles!  J and I are looking forward to the new year, new opportunities and the adventures that life will take us on.

Best wishes to you in 2013!

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6 Responses to A Look At 2012

  1. Buttons says:

    Oh Robyn I have enjoyed this year right along with you and look forward to 2013 and learning new things from another farmgirl proud to be just that. Happy New Year Robyn. Things are going to be great your first year of being a full time farmer like me:)
    I loved your Mom’s post she should do another one:) Hugs B

  2. What a marvelous recap of your blogging year.. those apple pie squares sound delicious! All of your bovine shots are sweet, I remember those dreamy eyes (and sometimes an opposite attitude)… Thank you for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #63!

  3. Kim says:

    Happy New Year, Robyn! We are getting a little snow this AM as we say goodbye to 2012. I hope you get some moisture, too!

  4. Wow, you had a busy year, but a productive year reading over your review. I so enjoy reading about your life on a ranch, so different from mine. I wish all good things for you and many, many blessings in 2013. Happy New Year!!

  5. Candy C. says:

    What a fun look back at the year! I have so enjoyed following along with you this past year and look forward to 2013!
    Hope you guys have a very Happy New Year!! 🙂

    • Robyn says:

      Miss Candy, it is fun to look back at pictures from the last year! I like the collection you posted. Thanks for being a loyal reader and friend. I appreciate it and look forward to continuing to follow you.

      Best Wishes to you and Jerry for 2013!

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