A Little More Snow

I took this picture during chores Saturday morning.  The haziness is a combination of sleet and snow.

April 23With the non-spring like weather, we have been putting a lot of cows in the barn to calve.  It gives the calf an easier start when born in a warm dry place out of the wind.  The next day we empty out the barn and turn the pairs out to a small pasture.

Sunday was a cold and windy in the morning and decent in the afternoon.  The sun tried to come out.

April 23

Monday morning we got up and found 3-4″ of fresh snow.  J and I were out the door before 6 am to check for new calves.  I get up at least half an hour before J so I can get my cuppa coffee and wake up before the 6 o’clock check.  Yesterday, J was out of bed, on my heels and rushing out the door before I had a chance to drink coffee.  I survived and did my best to have a polite attitude.  I survived, but I don’t want to wake up in a flurry everyday.

April 23

We had two cows calve outside during the night.  One calf was fine and the second calf was cold.  We brought the second pair into the barn to warm up.

Sunday afternoon we put a cow in the barn that was calving.  Yesterday morning she had not calved yet.  We put her in the chute and J ended up pulling a backwards (tail first) calf. Due to the fact she was calving for so long, we were excited that the calf was alive.  J reached in to check for a second calf and found more feet.  The twin was backwards too.  Both calves were alive and well.  That definitely made up for lack of coffee!

This little guy found a place to hunker down out of the wind.

April 23

One good thing about cold weather is the fact I feel caught up on skirt-work.  My house is clean enough and the laundry caught up.  Saturday, I made a loaf of bread and a batch of buns. Yesterday, I baked The Rancher’s favorite, Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Sunday afternoon I edited pictures and worked on blog posts.  I figure if I have some edited pictures ready to go, I can always come up with a few words.  A Ranch Wife needs a creative outlet, to do something for herself and connect with others.

April 23

The picture above and below were taken Monday morning.  As you can see, the cows always think they are hungry!  The picture below is of the youngest group of calves.  Apparently, the snow fall didn’t bother them much.  It makes me smile to see the calves run, jump and play.

April 23

The weather outlook does look more like spring.  Wednesday they are calling for lots of wind.  I think sunshine with temperatures in the 20’s and no wind is much nicer than the hurricane type winds we often experience.  Maybe the wind will blow Old Man Winter into November and Spring will begin on the prairie.

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16 Responses to A Little More Snow

  1. Kim says:

    They mentioned South Dakota’s wintery weather on my morning news today. We are experiencing more winter weather, too, with temperatures below freezing and a mix of rain/sleet again. So much for my part of Kansas being “frost-free” by April 15! The wind howled all night long. We have another night of a hard freeze before temps are supposed to turn around again. I keep thinking, “Can this wheat crop take any more abuse?” We’ll see. Hope you got your cup of coffee this AM!

  2. Tamar says:

    The picture of the cows covered in snow makes me cold for them! Hope spring shows up soon, we’re still waiting for it to really appear!

  3. J. Rhoades says:

    I hope you get spring soon! That’s so exciting about the twins – and them both being alive! Bet it made for a good day.

  4. Lynne says:

    Brrrrr! You’re making me cold! I’ve heard about the brutal weather back west that just doesn’t seem to want to budge.

    That photo with the cows all lined up behind the barbed wire is marvelous! Were they waiting for you to bring them food? Or are they just normally that curious? Great capture!

    • Robyn says:

      Cows seem to think they are always hungry. Sometimes they are that curious. The yearlings are always nosing around when we are among them.

  5. Brrr! So cold looking for this Georgia girl! The calves are precious! My kids would love them.

  6. emily says:

    Well, at least the littlest haven’t been too bothered by the over-extended winter. We didn’t get the full 8, but at my house we got 5, and the further west I drove it was less and less…let’s hope Spring can begin now!

  7. Great pictures! I, like you, especially love the one of the calves playing. That is a frequent sight in our area this time of year and it always brings a smile to my face to see the little ones running and kicking up their heels.

    We also are hoping for warmer temperatures this week–spring will have to come sometime, won’t it?


  8. Brrr. I hope the snow is all done soon!

  9. Karen says:

    Oh my, will you ever get Spring weather? The photo of the cows playing is so cute!

  10. Carol says:

    Wonderful photography ~ so glad you have your creative outlet for yourself and to provide us with your talents and delightful little ‘critters’~ newborns ~ always a miracle to me ~ Enjoy and sure hope it warms up for you soon ~ MA is still a bit chilly with wind chill factor ~ ^_^

  11. Candy C. says:

    Love all your chilly pictures! I’m glad the twin calves are okay and hope momma cow is doing good too! We do need a creative outlet and “socializing” even when it’s just on the computer! 🙂

  12. Coombemill says:

    Amazing photos across the seasons

  13. Bruce says:

    Love the snow on cattle…can not believe how long the winter has been hanging on.

    • Robyn says:

      Thanks, Bruce. We finally had a dose of spring today. Sunshine, temperatures in the low 60’s and a breeze. If this keeps up spring will be here quick.

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