A Little More Frost

Here are a few more frosty pictures I took last weekend.

Dec 20

As J and I were doing chores we discovered that today was the day we had to transfer pellets.  We knew the wagon was getting close to empty, but didn’t realize today was the day.  The good news is we made it through chores.  Last time, we got half of the calf feed out and quit to transfer pellets, then finished chores.

Dec 20

When we got done with chores B.M. and W.K. pulled in.  So, we took a break for coffee and goodies.  I think B.M. and W.K. should have stuck around a little longer.

It basically to the rest of the afternoon to transfer pellets.  We got all set up and going.  Things were working good.  J got in the wagon to scoop while I moved the tractor and wagon forward to fill the back of the wagon.  I just about bucked J out of the wagon.

Dec 20

Then J told me to shut the door on the truck and I cranked the door the wrong way.  UHG!  I had a few pellets to clean up from my accident.  Do to my mess we over filled the wagon.  The next problem was we still had pellets on the semi.  So, we went to start the old straight truck.  Dead!  We charged the battery, ate a late dinner and ended up changing the battery.  The ole girl started with a little cussing TLC.

All in all the pellets got transferred.  It was just a little more work than last time.

Dec 20

J did inform me that I tend to mess things up.  “Oh!” I said with a funny face.  “Yes, you being left-handed really rocks my world.  You do everything backwards.”  I told him that I really didn’t think that was my fault, I was born left-handed.  J said “Well, yes it is kind of your fault.”  From check marks to winding up an extension cord it seems to all be backwards to J.

Thank goodness he was half joking and has not fired me … yet!  All in the day of a Ranch Wife.

Are you left handed?  Does your husband call you “backwards”?

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8 Responses to A Little More Frost

  1. Janet says:

    Don’t worry they never fire a goodhand that works for our wages. 🙂

  2. emily says:

    I am not left handed, but a sibling and my father are both left handed, so I know all too well about things that are done backwards and the such. Still to this day, whenever we are all home for family events and sit down to dinner, there has to be assigned seating due to the lefty’s and their “desire” to use a knife! 🙂

    • Robyn says:

      Emily, whenever we go somewhere to eat J tries to sit on my left so no one else has to deal with “desire” to use a knife. lol!

  3. Your photos are so pretty!!! LOL I still say no good deed goes unpunished! I’m sure he appreciates all of your “backward” help.

  4. Ida says:

    Everyone always says my check marks are backwards too. My dad and I are both lefties and I know growing up my mom did not fit well into our system. We twist gate wires in the opposite direction and we cinch a horse the opposite way as well. My dad always said you can tell if a lefty or righty saddled a horse. One year we had a major flood on our farm and my dad had to untie gates underwater and in the dark. He said it was a mess trying to figure out who had wired the gate last.

    Left handed people are the only ones in their right minds!

  5. Buttons says:

    Beautiful photos Robyn. So you are a lefty eh! so is my sister and I know she cannot hold the scissors right:) Don’t work to hard. Merry Christmas Robyn. hug B

  6. Candy C. says:

    I agree with Janet, he won’t fire a hand that works cheap AND who does all the other Ranch Wife chores! 😉
    I can see how a lefty and a righty trying to do chores together could get confusing!

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