A Little Bird

These are more pictures from October 6th; after the blizzard. I took pictures while watching the hay corral gate.

October 26


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6 Responses to A Little Bird

  1. Oh dear ~ snow ~ too soon for me ~ Beautiful montage of photos and love the dear little bird ~ Happy Weekend to you ~ carol xx

  2. grr – bleck – I’m so not a winter person and am dreading this winter more than ever! But your photos are lovely

  3. We woke up to white covering everything last Sunday. And flurries & dustings several days after. Luckily no blizzards yet this year, though!

  4. Carletta says:

    We had a few flurries this week for just minutes. You have lots! 🙂
    I love snow but I’m sure it’s not always easy to deal with on a ranch when you have work to do.
    Love your little bird catch!

  5. Beautiful series, love that little bird:>

  6. Glad you are still taking photos in the blizzard after effects♫ Stay safe and warm!

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