A Good Start to August

August is off to a good start with continued cool temperatures and rain.  Friday the 2nd we had .85″ and Sunday we had an additional .40″.  Last night. it rained again. From what we hear these have been wide spread rains.

August 6

It’s fun to go check cattle when the herd is spread out grazing.  With these cool temperatures the cattle are very comfortable and the calves are growing.

August 6

The replacement heifers are pretty and a little sassy.  They enjoy relaxing in the tall grass around the dam.  We had them ultrasounded on Sunday.

August 6

Due to a combination of factors, the Elm Trees in our yard are dying.  Saturday afternoon and Monday morning J and I took several trees out.  We also did some tree maintenance.  It’s sad to see the trees go and makes the yard look bare.  I foresee planting a few trees next spring.

August 6

Monday we got several new windows.  We have slowly been replacing and updating the house windows.  After the May 25th hail storm, our window replacement plan became a priority.  I got the house cleaned yesterday afternoon and am pecking away at putting pictures back on the walls and decor set out.

Here’s to August, lets keep the good stuff going!


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11 Responses to A Good Start to August

  1. Anne Payne says:

    Despite flooding in some of our area, I am thankful for the rain. Too many years were drought laden. Your fields look nice and green for the cows and they look quite satisfied. I’m so sorry about your trees! What kind will you plant? We did the window replacement thing about 3 years ago. It was huge job but so worth it. Glad your August is off to a good start 🙂

  2. How good to hear something positive for cattle ranchers and farmers! I hadn’t read about the hail storm until I went back to the post. I’ve seen a similar one on July 4 a few years ago here….insurance companies were extremely busy, and later it was roofers and siding companies. Glad you’ve had needed rain.

  3. J. Rhoades says:

    We’ve been blessed with the rain here too – in fact it looks like rain all this week. Such a change from last year!

  4. Nicki says:

    You have some lovely shots here – very peaceful and relaxing. We’ve enjoyed some cooler weather lately and I’m with the cows – bring it on. I am much happier with these temps as compared to 90+ degrees with equal amounts of humidity. Maybe I was a grazer in another life! lol!

  5. Nancy says:

    So glad you’re getting rain! Sorry about your trees. After the horrible summer we had 2 years, and continued drought condition we have had quite a few very old elms die. We will be working on taking them out when it cools off. We replaced 30 windows in the last year and are finally done. 😀 After getting enormous estimates on having them done, my husband said “how hard can it really be?” 😉 Turns out, after all the reno we have done, putting in windows was the easiest thing yet. Very easy! We are loving them. Really makes a difference on heating and cooling.

    • Robyn says:

      Good Luck with your tree removal project. Our yard looks different, but it’s nice to see green healthy trees.

      You and your Husband put in 30 windows … by yourselves? Wow! Our old stucco house had several windows that needed to be modified. It’s easier to let a professional do his magic. We already love the new windows.

  6. cheri says:

    Your calves look great. So do your replacements. Just read the post about ultra sound. Interesting. I don’t think that would work for us. Would be nice to know if anyone was going to have twins though. We’ve had an inch of rain so far this August. Its nice! The cows spread out and enjoy the cool weather. What a sweet looking little bull in the last picture.

  7. Pat says:

    Great-looking cattle!

  8. Sharon says:

    I’m sorry to hear about the trees. I know you must miss them. But on the other hand, you got new windows. Always something changing on the ranch!

  9. Steady precip. and cool days — the cattle have to be loving that.

    And hooray for new windows! Makes such a difference to the outer appearance. We replaced all of ours in 2003 — now we just need to get the house sided (someday).

    Thanks for joining in Robyn. Happy Wednesday to you and J.

  10. Candy C. says:

    Everything is so pretty and green there! It is so sad when the big, old trees die. It’s almost like losing an old friend. Congrats on the new windows! 🙂

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