A Garden Tour

I’ve been wanting to do a garden update. Between rain, wind and my fast growing vegetables I haven’t been able to take pictures. Yesterday, I took a few smartphone picts to share. The evening of Friday June 27th a storm front came through; it down poured on us and continued raining until noon on Saturday. We ended up with 3.5″. This in addition to the nice .20″ shower we got the day before.

Sunday an Alberta Clipper type system moved in and the wind blew and blew and blew for three days. Tuesday evening the clipper moved on and yesterday was simply beautiful.

I have two zucchini plants in a big tractor rim. Last week, I could see a change in them every day. I’m excited for sauteed or roasted zucchini.

July 3

I have four tomato plants in three rims. Two are doing really good and the other two are doing good. They are just putting out a bloom or two.

July 3

I have a couple of peppers setting on.

July 3

I have four Brussels Sprouts plants. Two are doing really good and the other two are doing good. Below are the two plants on the south side of my raised bed; they’re almost twice as big as the north side plants.

July 3

My original cucumbers didn’t make it. Mid-June J picked up two new cucumbers and a second buttercup squash. This picture is the second squash. The original buttercup has done well and has a bloom.

I planted romaine lettuce seeds I had left over from last year; it came up really spotty. I harvested the first lettuce of the season yesterday!

The wind was hard on my garden. With the sunny hot days in our forecast I think the garden will get back on track again.

July 3

Yesterday morning J and I got out bright and early to spray the corn. J does all the technical stuff; I run the water hose, rinse jugs and offer moral support.

July 3

Yesterday while I was cleaning up dinner dishes J checked a couple of hay fields. He was super excited to find he could start swathing. Here is round #1 on the first hay field.

July 3The next month will be crazy busy and I will do my best to keep up my regular blog schedule. If I miss a post or two, know I am in the raking tractor and you will be hearing something from me soon.

I hope you have a fabulous 4th of July!

How does your garden look? Do you have fun 4th of July plans?

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6 Responses to A Garden Tour

  1. emily says:

    Wishing you a wonderful 4th! Your gardens look green and lush! We will be painting and painting, and a little more painting!

  2. Darcy says:

    Your garden plants look great and YAY for being able to swath! We’re pregging cows in Wallowa this weekend, and going to the PBR at the Round Up Grounds – it should be fun!

  3. Kim says:

    We have had a few tomatoes, and they have been so delicious, even if they weren’t pretty to look at. The squash has taken off with all the rains. We should have some to eat soon. The photo of the sky with the freshly swathed hay is gorgeous! We hope to start cutting wheat again this afternoon. Our corn is taller than Randy now. I’ll post photos soon. Good luck keeping up with everything! And Happy 4th! You’ll probably spend it working – like us!

  4. All I have this year are my grapes, which are hanging in there. Your garden looks super! Have a safe and happy 4th!

  5. So far I’ve been lucky/blessed to not have to spend any time in the hay field. I get to ride and start colts and spend my time chasing cows. 🙂 the hay is going to have a LOT of clover in it this year!

  6. Roan says:

    The weeds are growing faster than the veggies in our garden. Due to work, it’s hard to get to the garden. It’s about 10 miles from where we live. I wish we had room in the back yard, but there are too many trees for a garden to get sunshine. We are going tomorrow for more weeding. We have harvested zucchini, one sweet pepper, and one cucumber. Made a nice salad. Hope you find time for some fun today. Happy 4th!

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