A Change of Thanksgiving Plans

Last Monday morning started out normal. I got up and made my cuppa joe, published my blog post, made breakfast and did a little prep work for dinner. While we were eating breakfast J asked me if I had talked to Mom or Dad about the weather. I replied with an “Ah No; do I need to call them?” As J checked the weather on his phone he highly suggested I call home. Mom said that there was a good chance for rain on Tuesday and temperatures in the low 30’s. She and Dad highly recommended I drive down on Monday before the potentially slick road conditions.

November 28

Luckily I was 3/4th packed for my Thanksgiving trip to Nebraska. I fluttered around the house in a hurry with last minute packing. An hour later Molly and I were headed down the driveway.

The roads were good and arrived home at supper time.

November 28

Tuesday ended up being a foggy, drizzly, cold day. Mom and I did sheep chores and brainstormed about fun baking ideas. In the afternoon, Dad drove us to get groceries so we had all the supplies we needed for our ideas.

First on our list was a Sweet Potato Cake Roll. Mom’s Grandma was an expert jelly roll maker and Dad is a huge fan of sweet potatoes. I have made a couple of Pumpkin Rolls and Mom was willing to try it. Delicious; no other words are needed.

While the cake portion of our cake roll was cooling Mom and I went over to visit UB and Aunt Janet. We had a great visit and learned a little family history from UB.

November 28

Wednesday turned out to be a nice day. After dinner we helped Dad with project, then Mom and I took a 4-wheeler ride looking for photo opportunities.

For dinner Mom made a batch of Cornmeal Pancakes. This is something I have been wanting to try and they were pretty tasty.

November 28

I was Dad’s chore help on Thursday. Mom and I made a nontraditional Thanksgiving dinner including leg of lamb, company potatoes, garden green beans, sautéed mushrooms and a side salad. We rounded out our dinner with Apple Pie. Mom knows how to spoil me, lamb and green beans!

We enjoyed our dinner while watching the National Dog Show. After the dog show, Dad and I went for a walk to look over the weaned calves and check bunks.

By the time we got back Mom had our next baking experiment started; Christmas Star Twisted Bread. We used beet jelly vs. the raspberry jam called for in this Taste of Home recipe. Again, a baking success that I’m excited to try again.

We spent the evening watching Anne of Green Gables on PBS. It was a fun way to round out a wonderful Thanksgiving day.

November 28

Friday we were up and at em doing chores early so Dad could head to a cattle sale. Mom and I went junk jaunting at the neighbors and after dinner went to town. Mom visited a friend with cancer in the nursing home and I strolled through the second-hand store.

The neighbor has a little shack with old windows and doors in it. I spotted treasures last spring when J and I were home. This time I was able to bring a few of those treasures back with me. Let’s just say I have several unique windows and many ideas running through my mind.

November 28

The original plan was that Mom, Dad and I would be home for Thanksgiving as Sister was hosting Thanksgiving dinner for her Brother-in-Law and his family. Saturday, Sister was going to have Thanksgiving/Christmas (or as Micky calls it Thanksmas) for our family.

Due to a poorly timed flu bug, our Thanksmas was cancelled. All of us were let down and Sister and I especially blue as we have not seen each other since Thanksgiving last year. Disappointing… yes, but so goes life. We can be extra thankful for telephones, pictures and text messages.

November 28

Early Saturday morning I headed back to the South Dakota prairie. I had a gorgeous day to travel and safe return home.

November 28

Even though I left for Nebraska in a hurry and family holiday plans didn’t go as planned, I had a wonderful trip. I greatly missed not attending the Nebraska State Fair this year and was more than ready to spend a few days with Mom and Dad. We got in many good visits and Mom and I had fun in the kitchen. I always enjoy talking cattle with my Dad and helping him around the ranch.

November 28

How did you celebrate Thanksgiving? Are you a dog show watcher?

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4 Responses to A Change of Thanksgiving Plans

  1. Darcy says:

    It sounds like you had a lovely visit….sometimes low key, and quiet is just the ticket. 🙂 I love (love!) the fourth picture from the bottom, and how the heads are all turned.

  2. Bonnie says:

    No family Thanksgiving for us. Hopefully Christmas will work out. I only watched the sheepdogs work once at the stock show. The set up was to hard and nobody finished. Everyone was frustrated; dogs, owners, sheep, and audience. Glad you gift to spend time with your mom and dad. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Kim says:

    I like the same photo as Darcy. I enjoyed seeing your lamb photos on Facebook while you were in Nebraska, especially since it’s something different than I see around here. I hope you and your sister are able to get together soon!

  4. Buttons says:

    Oh, that is too bad about the flu, I hope the patient is better now. It is hard not to see your sister. To spend time with your Mom and Dad is the best. Love all the photos Robyn. Happy Thanksmas my friend. HUGS B

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