A Calving Season Poem

With all the wintry weather we have been having I recalled a poem I once read.  I did some digging and found said poem. 

J’s Uncle spent the majority of his life ranching and is now retired.  Several years ago Uncle was up with a calving heifer and penned this poem:

As I sit here tonight, the sleet hittin the glass

I’m thinking I’d better get up off my a _ _

and again take a walk on out to the shed

to see if there’s any calves just about dead

cuz it’s cold out there in the pasture tonight

and those little chilled calves are a terrible sight

so we walk and we ride to see what’s going on

and hope that we save them before they are gone

the horses are humpy and snorty and wet

makes a fella wish he could go on to bed

instead of sittin’ on top of those critters

it’s sure enough to give me the jitters

oh, well, someday soon the sun will be shinin’

and then I suppose I’ll have to quit whinin’

                 Source: American Angus Association

The sun did come out on Wednesday!  Wednesday night we had a little rain.  Yesterday started out wet and chilly, but got up to the mid to upper 40’s.  The weatherman is still talking a storm Saturday night.  Maybe it will be spring by mid next week, cross your fingers.

 Do you have a poetry writing niche?  If so, please share in the comments section! 

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One Response to A Calving Season Poem

  1. Jan Gossman aka Prairie Librarian says:

    Well Robyn,
    Spring must be close now, Cranes were flying over us all day today, Monday, April 4, by the hundreds! What a sight they were, and sound.
    I wasn’t wasn’t very happy with ToH’s article about eating less meat either. Shame on them. They are supposed to be promoting good cooking, how can you cook good food without meat..especially beef!

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