51 in 501

101 in 1001 is where an individual tries to accomplish 101 goals in 1001 days.  I got this idea from Crystal at Crystal Cattle.  She references the idea from the Day Zero Project.  The website encourages people to Plan, Create, Motivate and Achieve.  To create lists, set challenges and be inspired. 

I am a very goal oriented person and thought this would be fun.  Have you ever tried to come up with 101 challenges you want to tackle?  Easier said than done, so I bring to you my list 51 in 501.  51 seemed more realistic for me and a lot less intimidating for my anxious mind to think about. 

I will make this list into a page and track my progress as I go.  Here’s to 51 accomplishments in 501 days, starting April 1, 2012!


1. Visit J’s Sister in ND

2. Visit J’s Brother in ILL

3. Attend the V Family Reunion in July

4. Attend MeatFest 

5. Attend the NE State Fair

Out and About

6. Eat at 3 restaurants I have never been to

7. Try Sushi

8. Try Oysters on the Half Shell

9. Host 3 social gatherings at our house

Around the House

10. Plant a Garden

11. Make a bulletin board to display pictures

12. Print and frame 3 of my favorite photos

13. Complete 3 (non-food) Pinterest Projects


14. Re-read 8 to Great

15. Re-read The Happiness Project

16. Read devotionals for 30 days in a row


17. Volunteer in my Community

18. Donate clothes and unwanted house items


19. Join the Women In Ag Committee

20. Girls Weekend with Jona and Kari P.

21. Girls Day or Weekend with Amy and Kari S.

22. Write 2 guest posts

23. Have 2 people guest post on my blog

24. Be more active on Twitter

25. Meet 1 Social Media friend in real life

Health and Beauty

26. Complete a Fun Run and Walk

27. Climb Harney Peak

28. Run a 10 K

29. Get a massage

30. Candle my ears


31. Complete my Death File

32. Do a Will and Power of Attorney Finance and Health

33. Attend Church for 5 weeks in a row.

34. Call Sister twice a month for 3 months

35. Call Mary once a month for 3 months

36. Buy a pair of dress shoes to wear with a dress


37. Torte

38. Scones

39. Macaroons

40. Fruit Pizza

41. Make Crêpes

42. Bake or Cook with Puff Pastry

43. Bake or Cook with Browned Butter

44. Make 2 Crock Pot Meals a month for 3 months


45. Learn more about my camera – read manual

46. Learn more about picture editing – PicMonkey

47. Build my photography collection


48. Learn more about my Amazon Kindle

49. Watch the Twilight Movies

50. Take a Leap of Faith

51. Start a new list in 501 days

I know that I can not accomplish these goals with out the help of J, family and friends.  Some of you will be a great influence and help keep me on track to achieve my goals.  I  am sure September 13, 2013 will sneak up on me before I know it.

What would be on your list?

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3 Responses to 51 in 501

  1. Jona says:

    This is so exciting – good for you!! I may have to follow suit… I am thrilled to see a few goals that I will get to be part of! GOOD LUCK on this journey!

  2. Kim says:

    Wow! That’s ambitious. I can’t imagine coming up with 101, so I think 51 is a good start. Good luck with them all!

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