Full Days, Wind and Special Visitors

It’s been another interesting week. Tuesday was a gorgeous day and J and  I took full advantage. After chores, the deer hunting Uncles left for eastern South Dakota with all their tags filled. We got two loads of corn from a family friend; he brought one in the morning and another after dinner. It makes my heart smile to see pretty … Continue reading


Cattle, Uncles and a Cat

On my last blog post I mentioned we were getting ready to ultrasound pregnancy check and work the cows. We had a gorgeous morning to be outside. The girls were easy to work as they practically fed themselves up the alleyway. Low stress cattle handling means a good day for the cows and for us. We ate dinner shortly afternoon and by the … Continue reading


Hustling and Bustling

Last week was a wild one. Halloween kicked off fall cattle work with weaning calves at home. Sunday afternoon J helped Cousin T wean calves. Cousin T didn’t need my sorting skills, so I stayed home and power washed vehicles. It was almost 70* the first day of November! Monday morning J and his Dad helped Cousin T ship calves. … Continue reading


October, Another Blink Of An Eye

Autumn is found in the full swing of October. I enjoy the changing colors on the prairie. The trees are not as vibrant as past years and I’ve noticed very few red leaves. J and I did a few fencing projects. We fenced around the ground we put into the conservation reserve program (CRP). It was fun to discover all … Continue reading


Tidbits from Last Week

Last week was one full of cattle work. Tuesday we helped Cousin T and Roy move pairs home from summer grass. Wednesday J and I moved the youngest group of pairs home and Thursday we combined two pasture groups. We had gorgeous weather to move cattle. The mornings were crisp, but the sun was shining and there wasn’t any wind. … Continue reading