A Dramatic Week

To say the least, it’s been an interesting week. I shall try to narrow it down to only five things: 1. Sunday when J left for Church Rosie wanted to jump in the pickup and ride along. He told her no and sent her to the house. When J got home Rosie was gone. We called her, we looked in … Continue reading


Southdown Smiles

Those of you who regularly follow this blog know that I can’t come back from visiting Nebraska without pictures of sheep. Luckily Mom had lots of babies running around! As you know life doesn’t stop when one leaves the ranch. J kept busy with chores, calving heifers and a few warm weather projects. Wednesday I picked up my chore duties like … Continue reading


Celebrating a Unique Life

Last Friday, March 13th, my Grandmother passed away. Saturday morning I headed home. Sunday afternoon was the visitation at the funeral home and a Monday morning service at the Church. Dad and his brothers asked Mom to write a few notable things about Grandma and read them at the funeral. Here is what Mom and Uncle Bill came up with: I … Continue reading


Barn Kitten and 5 Random Tidbits

Nancy at a Rural Journal returned to blogging and hosting The Random 5 Friday Meme. Random 5 Friday was one of my favorite memes as I always enjoyed reading what bloggers came up with for 5 tidbits about their week or life. I’m glad to see Nancy back to blogging and am ready to join in with the random fun. 1. This late summer … Continue reading


Calving Heifers

The heifers have been keeping us consistently busy. We haven’t had a big run of calves, but the girls keep peaking away at it. I captured these two shots on my phone Friday afternoon. We had a gorgeous Friday morning to run the cows through the chute. Ashleigh and Roy were here early and the cows worked good. By afternoon … Continue reading