Lilacs and Rain

After branding calves last Wednesday, we went out to check pairs and make sure all the calves found their mothers again. On the way back to the yard I detoured and snapped a few lilac shots. I’ve been watching and waiting for the pretty purple to emerge. We woke to .30″ of rain in the gauge Thursday morn. After chores … Continue reading


Branding at Home

After canceling our second branding last Friday we made a go of it yesterday. We had a gorgeous day and fabulous help. Here are a few pictures from both of the brandings we had at home. Babies sorted off from their mother’s waiting to get vaccinated, castrated (if applicable), fly tagged and implants for the steers. For the first branding … Continue reading


Mother’s Day Snow

I hope all of you had a wonderful Mother’s Day! For those that are mothers, expecting mothers and grandmothers I hope your loved ones did something special to celebrate all that you do. J and I don’t have children, but my Sister-in-Law sent me a Happy Mother’s Day text. She reminded me that we have four angels in heaven watching over … Continue reading


Wild Plums in Bloom

Last Friday I saw blooms in the plum thickets. I was excited to take advantage of a bright blue sky and evening light. The first blooms of spring warm my heart and am keeping my eyes open for lilac blossoms. Our April 30th branding went good. We had a gorgeous morning to work calves before the wind hit. We have intentions to … Continue reading


Meadowlark Songs

Each day has a story that deserves to be told, because we are made of stories. I mean, scientists say that human beings are made of atoms, but a little bird told me that we are also made of stories. ~Eduardo Galeano It may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird: it would be a jolly sight … Continue reading