One Day Art Class ~ Final Project

As January drew to a close so did the One Day on-line art class. Lesson #8 focused on “One Day Today Became The Day.” Through this class we have learned a little more about ourselves. About what our fears are and what we can to do to face and overcome them. We have grown in courage, we have support and now … Continue reading


January: A Door and Beginning

January is defined as the first month of the year and the first of seven months with 31 days. Janus is the Roman mythology God of beginnings and transitions. The Latin word for January is ianuarius and means door. January is thought of as the door to a new year. January found me taking an on-line art class with Jodi … Continue reading


Faith, Friends and Fun

We are now in the second day of the last week of January. Didn’t we just watch the New Year’s ball drop? Last week I continued with my One Day On-line Art Class. One of the art projects was to decorate our journal cover and journal our “One Day Statements.” Lesson 5 had Jodi sharing her thoughts about life’s journey. … Continue reading


Art Class

Last Monday was the first Lesson for the on-line art class I’m taking with Jodene Shaw at White Owl Wings. The theme of this lesson was having the courage to take an unsteady step and deciding that step beats the feelings of regret. Our first project was a collage. I chose the Bible verse Deuteronomy 31:6 as the focus for my project. Be strong and courageous, … Continue reading


January; The First Week

The first week of January has been a good one on the Prairie. To start, the weather has been mostly beautiful. Thursday and Friday we had fog and Saturday the high temperature dropped to single digits. J and I have not missed the lack of wind! The wind must have missed us as hear it howling this morning. A week ago … Continue reading