An Old Car

Outside my window… it’s a brisk morning with a temp in the low 30’s. Rosie is ready to do chores, my two bum calves are hungry and the chickens are sitting on their roost. Today J and I are working on putting up windbreak around the new waterer and rehanging gates. I am thinking… this blog post from my friend Jodi … Continue reading

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The Cows Came Home

Last Friday Cousin T and Roy helped us move the majority of our cows home. We dropped them in our west pasture and Monday morning J and I moved them to the winter pasture. We had a nice day to do cattle work and the new chicken fajita recipe I tried was a success. One of the bigger tasks to prepare for … Continue reading


Be Who You Are

To be nobody but myself, in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else, meant to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight, and never stop fighting. ~E.E. Cummings, poet (1894-1962) Just be yourself. Let people see the real, imperfect, flawed, quirky, weird, beautiful, magical person you are. ~Butterflies and … Continue reading


I Saw a Sign

In addition to vintage tractors, I like signs. All kinds of signs, old and new, as seen on machinery or sharing my favorite quote. These are a few signs I saw over the summer. There are a lot of tasks to do to get ready to wean calves; we continue to peck away at the to-do list. Monday, J and the neighbor … Continue reading


My Latest Projects

I have been working on a few crafty projects. Kelly at Old Blue Silo shared her latest creative pallet project. I knew it was something I could and wanted do too. J helped me cut the pumpkin shape and I went to painting. I added a bow made out of burlap and I stole the leaves off another piece of decor. It’s … Continue reading