Hay and Dandelions

The old saying goes “make hay while the sun shines” and that we are doing. The month of July has been good haying weather. We’ve had sunshine, no rain and enough breeze to help things dry. Last week we got the forage winter wheat and oats put up. We started working on “The Field That Never Ends” Friday evening and 24 … Continue reading


Purple Cone Flowers

I have been watching and waiting for the purple cone flowers to bloom. I love to see purple on the prairie. The cone flower petals seem to vary. There are distinguishable shades of purple, differing petal growth and cone stages. Cone flowers tell a story. Youth are the light colored plants with small petals that show potential and excitement. Dark colored flowers with degrees … Continue reading


Wild Roses

Just a quick note to say happy Thursday to you, dear readers. I hope you have a wonderful day. I want to share a few wild roses with you before heading to the hay field. We are baling forage winter wheat today and with good luck will start on the prairie hay field I call “the field that never ends.”


Checking Yearlings

Last week J sent me to count yearlings and take out salt/mineral. Here are a few pictures of our replacement heifers, steers and spay heifers. Thursday evening J got done cutting oats and the first field of forage winter wheat. J’s Dad and I got done raking and baling the creek bottoms and moved back home. Friday morning J did … Continue reading


Haying the Creek Bottoms

Here are a few cell phone pictures of my “office” window view from last Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend. Work, play or rest, enjoy the blessings you have.