A Medora Musical Birthday – Part 2

Friday morning we enjoyed sleeping in and ate continental breakfast J and I toured the Chateau de Mores and its accompanying museum. The Chateau was built by a Frenchmen and his wife as a summer home and hunting lodge. On the North Dakota prairie in 1883 a twenty-six room home was unheard of. 80-90% of the household furnishings are original to the house. … Continue reading

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A Medora Musical Birthday – Part 1

Last week The Rancher celebrated another trip around the sun and we decided to go on an adventure. For years we’ve heard the Medora Musical is a great show and fun experience. It’s something we have been wanting to do, so we got in the station wagon and enjoyed the 2.5-3 hour drive north. Before we got to Medora we … Continue reading


Projects and Garden Update

J and I enjoyed a slightly slower pace this past week. J decided the next priority was to go over the summer fallow again. Due to mechanical problems it took him all week and three trips to town for parts. With J in the field or on the road, I decided to work on some projects. These are calf nipple buckets … Continue reading


Swath, Rake, Bale

It’s been a whirlwind of a week for us! You know your having fun when the Hubs frequently asks you what day of the week it is. But, we are taking two steps forward with the occasional half a step back. Progress! The hay is harvested! J’s folks got the last field of prairie hay put up last Wednesday morning while J … Continue reading


Purple Cone Flowers

Sunday July 5th we ended up with .40″ of rain and most of it came late in the afternoon. With another delay putting up hay, J and I went to the Big City on Monday. We had a short list of errands and ate dinner with a good friend. When we fly tagged the yearling steers and spay heifers we … Continue reading