Branding at Cousin T’s

Cousin T branded his first group of calves the afternoon of May 14th and the second group on May 18th. Most of these pictures are from the first day of branding. Our working crew included Janelle (Cousin T’s wife), the Mechanic, J and I along with a neighbor and his son. The second go around Janelle had to work so … Continue reading


What a Week We Had

Last week was the busiest week of the year! J and I were out the door between 5:00 and 5:30 every morning for six days in a row. By Saturday night we had cattle out to grass and our little farming project was completed. We were blessed with good weather and great help. Here’s a recap: Monday May 18th: We … Continue reading


Lilacs and Rain

After branding calves last Wednesday, we went out to check pairs and make sure all the calves found their mothers again. On the way back to the yard I detoured and snapped a few lilac shots. I’ve been watching and waiting for the pretty purple to emerge. We woke to .30″ of rain in the gauge Thursday morn. After chores … Continue reading


Branding at Home

After canceling our second branding last Friday we made a go of it yesterday. We had a gorgeous day and fabulous help. Here are a few pictures from both of the brandings we had at home. Babies sorted off from their mother’s waiting to get vaccinated, castrated (if applicable), fly tagged and implants for the steers. For the first branding … Continue reading


Mother’s Day Snow

I hope all of you had a wonderful Mother’s Day! For those that are mothers, expecting mothers and grandmothers I hope your loved ones did something special to celebrate all that you do. J and I don’t have children, but my Sister-in-Law sent me a Happy Mother’s Day text. She reminded me that we¬†have four angels in heaven watching over … Continue reading