Is It Really March Already?

Good Morning from the South Dakota Prairie! Today I’m sharing a few more shots from our January trip to the National Western Stock Show. I haven’t been toting my camera around lately as I seem to be too busy working during chores and it’s cold. Taking pictures in the cold and wind isn’t good for my little fingers. Last week we … Continue reading


Snoopy Yearlings

Before moving the yearlings and while it was still warm I ventured out to take pictures of them. Yearlings have an admiral sense of curiosity and a pesky knack for getting into trouble. It’s when their inquisitive nature gets them into trouble that causes the Rancher and I to fix fence. The pasture the yearlings are in now has a … Continue reading


Red Hens

I often give an update on my hens, but haven’t been very good about sharing pictures of them. I enjoy watching the girls peck around and waddle across the yard. It’s relaxing to watch them be chickens. Here are a few shots I captured of my red hens. On February 20, 2011 after much consideration I published my first two … Continue reading


The Spice of Life

Unpredictability is the spice of life and something we are accustomed to in the ranching business. The biggest unpredictability we deal with is the weather. Last Thursday, February 12th, it was 9* and breezy. I remember because J and I ran the bulls into pour them and give them a hoof rot shot. I was glad to lead the bulls in … Continue reading


A Spirit of Creativity

As I promised, here are pictures of the mixed media projects I have finished. After participating in Jodene Shaw’s “Building Blocks” art class last December, I’ve been inspired to try mixed media art on my own. Jodene mentioned that she learned from and is motivated by Kelly Rae Roberts. I have slowly been working my way through her book, Taking Flight. I have a lot to learn and … Continue reading