August, a month of checking cattle and making sure all the bulls are with the cows and working. At the end of the month we pulled bulls off the cows and brought them home. Meatfest, good friends, good food and fun times! KJ, Mike and J are expert pork pullers. August, a month of watching yearlings grow. August, a month to take a … Continue reading



This is Mouser. We got him from the neighbors last summer and he was a little shy. I petted and held him, but he was not too fond of the idea. In the last couple of months Mouser has decided to be a lover. He wants petted, purrs and is frequently under my feet. When Mouser comes in the yard Molly likes to … Continue reading


Thoughts from Maya

I recently read Letter To My Daughter by Maya Angelou. I have read several of Maya’s books and am amazed with the life she lived, the challenges she overcame and the inspirational person she was. Here area a few quotes from Letter To My Daughter. The human heart is so delicate and sensitive that it always needs some tangible encouragement to … Continue reading


Red Cone Flowers

It’s an amazing sight to see so many wild flowers across the prairie. Earlier in the summer we had an abundance of yellow coneflowers, in addition to the purple variety. During haying season, I spotted these red coneflowers. One had to be looking for them as they were a beautiful few and far between sight. J and I kept busy last week. I can … Continue reading


A Medora Musical Birthday – Part 2

Friday morning we enjoyed sleeping in and ate continental breakfast J and I toured the Chateau de Mores and its accompanying museum. The Chateau was built by a Frenchmen and his wife as a summer home and hunting lodge. On the North Dakota prairie in 1883 a twenty-six room home was unheard of. 80-90% of the household furnishings are original to the house. … Continue reading