A Mixed Bag of Weather

The biggest story of last week was the weather. Monday greeted us with wind, colder temperatures and snow. Tuesday and Wednesday remained cold with blowing snow. Wednesday we had wind gusts up to 50 mph. The blowing snow made some big drifts and we had patches of grass poking through on the prairie. We think we got around 2″ of … Continue reading


A Change of Thanksgiving Plans

Last Monday morning started out normal. I got up and made my cuppa joe, published my blog post, made breakfast and did a little prep work for dinner. While we were eating breakfast J asked me if I had talked to Mom or Dad about the weather. I replied with an “Ah No; do I need to call them?” As … Continue reading


A Taste of Winter

We got our first taste of winter last week. Thursday greeted us with colder temperatures; by mid-morning we had wind and flurries. We got 1-1 1/2″ of snow throughout the day. It’s a shock to the system to go from sunny days in the 60’s to Saturday’s high of 30* with wind. Yesterday was pleasant with a high in the low 30’s … Continue reading


Random Thoughts About Everyday Things

It’s been a week of random ranch tasks, ranch wife creations, beautiful weather, family and fun. Outside my window… the weather continues to be gorgeous. We’ve had a little wind, but mostly sunny days in the 60’s. Maybe a low 70’s temperature. The extended weather forecast is saying our above normal temperatures are soon coming to an end. I am … Continue reading


A Week of Cattle Work

The last week has been crazy busy. Not more busy than on any ranch this time of year, just more busy than we have been. Our week of cattle work started on Friday October 28th . Mid-afternoon we gathered up the pairs and feed them close to the corals in hopes they wouldn’t be completely scattered on Saturday morning. Saturday, we … Continue reading