Sorting Cattle and Calving Heifers

The first half of last week was warm. Warm like, record setting high temperatures in the Hills. On the prairie we saw temperatures in the upper 60’s. Wednesday night we had a major cool down. I would say our temperatures are still above normal for February, but a cloudy windy damp day in the low 30’s feels chilly. We’ve had a few … Continue reading


Oh, What a Week

Last week was a busy one and it was a warm one. We took advantage of the spring like temperatures by dong a few jobs outside and opened the house windows. We attended a couple of sales and we each made a trip to town. J and I kicked off the week with a bull sale. It was fun to get off … Continue reading


February Melt and Other Things

Happy Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s is more than a romantic occasion. I think it’s a day to send a greeting of appreciation. A small thing to let the special people in your life know that you love them. Love comes in many forms, the strong bond of family and friendship is just as important as that of romance. May you find … Continue reading

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Many Things to be Thankful for…

I’m not sure how to describe the past week. It had good points, disappointing aspects, fun things and stress. Kinda a roller coaster of emotions and activity. Monday J did shop work and I got ready for a trip to the Hills. The weather looked safe for us to make a break for it and we had several errands to run. … Continue reading


A Frosty Start to the Week

Can you believe February is in sight? Last week started off with frost Monday and Tuesday. Monday was also foggy; foggy all day. In the afternoon, I took the dogs for a ride to get the mail and take pictures. Tuesday and Wednesday were cold and windy. Cold and windy enough that J and I kinda hunkered down in the house … Continue reading