May Your Cup Overflow with Blessings

Today I’m wishing all of you a very blessed and happy holiday season. As our Advent journey comes to an end may we appreciate the gift of waiting and the awareness of patience. I hope that you treasure the blessings you have. May you have the gladness of Christmas which is hope; The spirit of Christmas which is peace; The heart of … Continue reading


Grouse in Frosty Trees

On Tuesday’s blog post I mentioned that December 9th was a foggy frosty day. In addition to the frost and unique lighting, I heard singing. The singing of sharp tailed grouse. I was excited to capture the grouse in frosty tree tops with a blue sky backdrop. Wednesday afternoon we did an activity day with our religious education group. The program coordinator made sugar cookies … Continue reading


Frosty Tuesday

Sunday Old Man Winter decided to come back from vacation. The wind blew in colder tempts that were a far cry from Saturday’s sunny 52*. The roaring wind woke me up early Monday morning and we got freezing rain during the night. When we left the house for chores I was bundled up like an elementary kid ready for recess and … Continue reading


Building Blocks; A Learning Experience

Last Saturday ten ladies gathered at Sturgis Photo and Gift for an afternoon of mixed media art with Jodene Shaw. Jodene started the class out by giving us some foundation instruction about art supplies. We made “cheat sheets” to see what different types of mediums are like. We got a feel for gesso, decoupage, acrylic paint, ink and textures before starting our … Continue reading



Where others see nothing, you see the deeper meaning or message hidden within. Your guides and Angels are working to communicate with you as your intuition and inner knowing expands. Be mindful of all that you are experiencing in each moment. Be aware of animal messengers, cloud formations, colors, conversations of others, and anything else that catches your attention. You … Continue reading