Journal Entry

If I were to write a journal of my week I think it would go something like this: Sunday: The wind blew hard; the weatherman rarely misses the prediction of a windy day on the prairie. After chores I stained the bay window. J and I ate dinner with his folks; one of T’s good friends from High School and his … Continue reading


Rainy Day Projects

Last week we had a couple of days of drizzle and J decided not to start any outside projects. I got out my paints and imagination. It did my soul good to work on some creative ideas. I did two mixed media pieces; one for my Aunt and one for J’s Aunt. I also worked on a sign to give Sister as a birthday … Continue reading


Calving, Farming and A Little Moisture

It’s time for five things from my week; how did Thursday sneak up on me so fast … again? Here are a couple of shots I snapped of the yearlings during chores last week. 1. Easter Sunday morning we moved the cows to the “Bull Pasture.” We have never calved out of this pasture before; so far it’s working good. After … Continue reading


Easter Monday

I hope all of you had a joyous Easter celebration. Easter is a wonderful time to reflect on our religious beliefs, rejoice the blessing we have and share the gifts God gave us. J and I and J’s folks started our day early by caring for cattle. We did chores and had a few problems to deal with. J and his … Continue reading


Calves, Calves, Baby Calves

The calendar turned another page this week. It’s April! 1. One of the biggest issues we have been dealing with on the prairie is wind. We’ve had a lot of very windy days and today it blows again. There have been reports within the area (60 mile radius) of gusts in the 70-73 mph range. The wind doesn’t help the … Continue reading